Saturday, December 8, 2018

Reasons Why Concorde Mayfair Is Ideal For A Quality Lifestyle At An Affordable Price

Quality lifestyle in the best locations

Quality of life depends on happiness and health of the person. Spending a quality and peaceful time with family and friends is the real happiness of an individual. To make this happen in real life make a first attempt of having a cherishing asset of having a dream home in the desired destination of the top metropolitan city that offers peaceful and composed living nestled in the landscape of nature. The property should be in the Perfect location that offers less travel time and easy accessibility to the workplace and other conveyances.

Concorde Mayfair is a new real estate project in Medahalli Bangalore.
Concorde Mayfair 

For all your thinking and desires here comes the perfect solution by Concorde group. Concorde group presents the affordable housing project for the luxurious living in the perfect locations of Medahalli in Bangalore the Concorde Mayfair Apartments.

Get hooked on to the affordable luxury

Concorde Mayfair Medahalli is spread over the vast land of 5.5 acres of land and is situated amidst lush green environment for the calm and ecstasy living. The property is designed to have the multiple towers in the project and is planned to have Vaastu complaint units that are designed and developed for the comfortable luxurious stay. The project is well-planned in Medahalli to have excellent access to prominent IT hubs, schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, recreational centres and Banks. The Kempegowda International Airport is located at just 40 minutes’ drive from Concorde Mayfair. Concorde Mayfair Bangalore. The project imbibes totally 200 units in the premises with all amenities. Concorde Mayfair Medahalli project is located in NH 4 establishes excellent connectivity with all the major landmarks and adjoining neighbourhood locality.

Amenities in Concorde Mayfair

A well spread swimming pool is added in the project to relax you after your daily toil. A high-end gymnasium is adopted in the Concorde Mayfair Medahalli project to help keep up the fitness goals of the inmates. Rain-water harvesting technology facility is adopted in the Concorde Mayfair Medahalli premises in order to follow eco-friendly living and help recharge the groundwater level. The corridors of the apartment are widely created for the congestion-free movement and the individual parking is extended for each unit of the project. Concorde Mayfair Medahalli incorporates the world-class amenities like table-tennis court, yoga deck, jogging track, lush-green Gardens, kids play area, and other indoor games to bring in the healthy and enthusiastic way of living. To maintain a lively environment world-class Clubhouse is built in the project to meet all your varying needs. A common room and a Cafeteria is set up on the Concorde Mayfair premises to spend your leisure time in a valuable way.

Invest in Concorde Mayfair Medahalli venture for a perfect buy!!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Top 5 Factors That Make Property Prices Appreciate

Property Making Decision

When buyers wish to buy the property the main concern while investment will be the budget. Not only the budget shall be the key factor, but there are many other factors that determine the worth of the property. Actual property cost is determined by the cost of the land and the value of structure depreciate over the time.

Aspects that appreciate your property value

The Demand for the housing solution: If the property is located in the prime locations in a developing area with good facilities and infrastructure the value of the project is sure to go high. The demand for the homes increases if the property is surrounded by the schools, industries, IT spaces and more.

Top 5 Factors That Make Property Prices Appreciate
Top 5 Factors That Make Property Prices Appreciate

Economic inflation: when money in the market is excessively circulated among the people inflation if predicted. This increases the cost of construction materials, cost of land, and statutory building permits and construction labour. If the location is not well developed the inflation shall not contribute to the increase in the price of the land.

The Rate of interest on home loans: when the rate of home loans increases the demand for the property comes down gradually since all the aspiring buyers cannot afford to buy it. When the rate of Interest decreases the demand for buying the home increase.

Market boosters: There are certain additions in the locality that boosts the value of the property and increase the demand for housing. Open spaces, green cover, supermarkets or the new school, transportation facilities, accessibility, flyovers and many more adds to the appreciation in the price.

Population: as the population per square of the area is more the demand for the housing will also be more in that locality. Hence the price is dependent on the population of the area.

Invest in the highly appreciable property Concorde Mayfair located in the most demanded locations of Medahalli in Bangalore.

Concorde Mayfair for the most profitable investment

Concorde Mayfair is a premier luxurious housing solution developed by the Concorde Group that aims to deliver the outstanding comfort with best in class amenities. Concorde Mayfair Medahalli property makes your desire come true by reducing all your travelling traffic in the terrific pollution. Natural air ventilation is given first preference while designing and developing the project, hence large windows are adopted in the abodes of the venture for a healthy living. Rain-water harvesting facility is adopted in the premises of Concorde Mayfair to save nature in an eco-friendly way.

The Kempegowda International airport is just 40 minutes’ drive from Concorde Mayfair Medahalli venture. The enclave is well-planned in the location to have excellent access to prominent schools, IT hubs, hospitals, colleges, recreational centres restaurants, ATMs and Banks.

Concorde Mayfair comprises of a state-of-art clubhouse with various facilities.  To keep the track of health amenities like swimming pool, lush-green Gardens, jogging track, yoga deck, gymnasium, kids play area, table-tennis court and other indoor games are provided in the project.
Invest in Concorde Mayfair today for the best investment!!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Property Market Post RERA - What Should One Consider For Profitable Investments?

Property investments, over the years has proved to be the most profitable in nature. Residents have now realized that there are efficient means of saving up and preparing for an uncertain future. Aspiring investors are now gradually transitioning from living as tenants to real-time home owners. Concorde Mayfair by Concorde properties is one unique project that is strategically located to perfection at Medahalli in Bangalore. The project comprises of architecture marvels so residents can enjoy stunning views of landscaped gardens scattered around the project which contributes to project eco-friendliness. Concorde Mayfair Medahalli is close to prominent schools, colleges and hospitals so residents can provide the best educational services for their children and take care of their physical well-being. 
look profitable investment in real estate.
Property Market Post RERA

With the introduction of regulatory bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST, the demand for affordable homes has risen significantly. Residents are now a part of nuclear families are relocating to other locations around the city to benefit from the rules and regulations set for property developers. This is again forced realtors to devise new marketing strategies and amend existing ones so they can sell their excess inventory. It is also important that realtors choose their location to perfection as these are determining factors that contribute to the credibility of the project. Before the rules were implemented, the property market wasn’t performing to its full potential. First-time property investors who approached real estate brokers and developers who had just started out were given expectations that weren’t met. This is not great for the industry and adversely affects customer investment perception. Aspects like transparency, honesty, customer-centricity and loyalty is important if a property developer needs to impact prospective purchase decisions. A clear structure has been set up after the implementation of the rules so realtors abide by them for effective growth opportunities and to avoid unnecessary penalties. Rest assured, residents who are willing to partner with Concorde Mayfair Bangalore are in for a smooth ride towards a profitable future.

Making sure that developers provide every project related document for better investments

There are many aspects that residents should keep in mind before they approach property developers for their investment needs. Residents should make sure that they understand every project specification and it is the sole responsibility of the builder to provide necessary documents to the investor before they arrive at the property to negotiate on various factors. Things are much more convenient now, thanks to the online medium of searching real estate properties. RERA has introduced means by which residents can get every detail online so they can further consult with professionals and visit the site to experience the features.

Invest in properties in locations with developing social infrastructure

Residents are interested in the location of the project more than ever now. Bangalore is a city which enjoys impeccable weather throughout the year and provides attractive and high paying jobs in the IT sector. This has led to rising infrastructure developments all across the city. Property investments should be considered with utmost caution. A slight misjudgment can end up risky. This is the reason it is advised that residents opt for location that are developing at an alarming rate. Investing in established locations may not yield the expected returns because of the nature of the area. They have reached their developmental maturity. However, it is wise and smart to invest in localities that encourage social infrastructure development. This will automatically increase the land appreciation and property rates. Evidently, residents investing in early stages are sure to reap formidable returns on investment in the long run.

Be sure that the property is RERA certified and prioritize your investment needs

There are investors who have diverse needs. There are residents who prefer in independent plots of land, commercial or in the entertainment sector. It is important that people prioritize their investment expectations so there is no ambiguity when they move forward with their decisions. Another thing which is a must is that residents should be careful before they plan on partnering or associating with realtors is the RERA certification. It is important that investors understand the RERA rules through and through and make sure the property is RERA certified in order to avoid further complications.To conclude, Concorde Mayfair Medahalli is sure to provide great returns on investment as the location provides impeccable connectivity benefits to residents to other parts of the city. Price benefits are numerous as the strategies are devised based on industry trends and standard of living.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What Do Investors Prefer - Ready to Move in or Investing in Pre-Launch Projects?

Real estate investments are the most profitable in nature. Bangalore, as a city enjoys great weather conditions and provides attractive employment opportunities in the IT sector. Concorde Mayfair by Concorde group is a pre-launch project in Medahalli which offers impeccable investment benefits for long-lasting returns. The project comprises of buildings that are nothings short of architectural marvels so residents can enjoy stunning views of landscaped gardens scattered around the project. The question now arises, should residents invest their hard-earned money in projects that are ready-to-move-in or should they stay content with residential project that are in the pre-launch phase. This can seem tricky at times because there are different aspects that should be considered by investors before they go and meet developers at the site. 

Concorde Mayfair is a new project in Medahalli Bangalore.
Concorde Mayfair 

There are some pros and cons when it comes to choosing ready-to-move-in projects as opposed to residential spaces that are under construction. Investors should be careful and consult with real estate advisers before they arrive at such crucial decisions. An overall experience of the property is important. In order to complement that, residents are invited to Concorde Mayfair to experience the amenities, floor plans and have an overall tour of the property so they understand surrounding social infrastructure development that are sure to contribute to formidable returns in the future. It is also advised that residents choose locations that are emerging as opposed to localities that are already developed. There are price and rental benefits offered at such areas which can be used to gather up on alternate sources of savings for the future which is everything but certain. Medahalli, as a location has a lot to offer for potential property investors. As far as development goes, emerging localities provide profitable opportunities as the scope of improvement staggers based on the real estate property market. Investors should be smart enough to seize on to such opportunities for a secured future.

Let’s now look at some pointers that make under construction projects a safer bet.

Cost effective installments - Plan your expenses

This is the most important aspect that residents should consider when it comes to investing in pre-launch projects. When it comes to under construction residential spaces, customers have an option to think, analyze, consult with professionals and make the final decision. When it comes to availing affordable home loans, banks are more eager to provide loans to residents who are interested in under construction projects as they can plan their expenses for the down payment and repay the loan in EMI’s on a monthly basis. This becomes efficient as lenders can track and monitor financial operations.

Choice of the units that are available

When we consider ready-to-move-in projects, there is only one option. Take the unit that is available as the apartment is also constructed. Decisions can’t be made in advance as customers in this case wouldn’t be able to look at the floor plans before the apartment is ready which would force them to one particular decision. However, in the case of apartments that are in the pre-launch phase, customers have an idea of how they would want their home to look like by looking at the floor plans and visiting the site at various stages of property development. Residents can decide on which floor they want to stay and which facing would suit them based on the Vaastu requirement which is crucial.

Potential growth in property investments

The main benefit in investing in projects that are not completely constructed is that one can estimate and predict social infrastructure development in the years to come. It is often suggested that residents should consider such projects and invest at an early stage to make the most of the affordable housing variants offered. What is not offered in ready-to-move-in project is that the expert consultation. In the case of residential spaces that are under construction, residents can come visit the site, talk with architects and financial advisers so they arrive at concrete and profitable decisions. This liberty cannot be enjoyed by residents choosing homes that are already built as they are left with minimum alternatives to choose from.

Personal Customization benefits

Some property developers encourage a personal touch when it comes to in-house unit customizations. Residents in this case would have a pre-determined approach of how they would want the space and resources to be utilized. Residents who are at the site can sit with engineers at the site, state their perspective preferences and get their home designed according to their convenience. This is not always possible at projects that are in the ready-to-move-in status.

To conclude,residents at Concorde Mayfair at Medahalli can avail all of the above benefits as property investments need time and effort to decide. With amenities and floor plans to suit every residential expectation, residents who plan on partnering with Concorde Mayfair are in for a great ride towards a fulfilling future for them and their loved ones.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

5 Simple Tricks to Make Your Faces And Home Brighter

Feeling of accomplishment never touches a women’s mind. With some or the other thing left incomplete, they are very busy with preparing sweets and snacks, decorating the rooms, lighting the diyas or serving the food. Kids are enjoying their time with crackers and lots more to complete. Men are busy with cards and other party games. While the old always adore the beauty of lights, joy and smiles on everyone’s lips. Festival of lights is the synonym for Diwali. With bright lights, colorful earthen diyas, delicious laddos, house full of family, extended family members and friends, soundful crackers and what not? This immense festival to treat our life right with Laxmi goddess, Gauri pooja is the one with a beautiful feeling of mine at the Concorde Mayfair. This day relishes and adores the beautiful moments with everyone around in house.

 5 simple tricks to make your faces and home brighter
 Tricks to make your faces and home brighter

Weekdays are booked for work. Weekends are booked for leisure. So festive are the only one and best time to enjoy, relish and meet family and friends. Diwali, just a day away but still preparations are going. Diyas, lights, garlands, decoration papers and what not is in the shopping list? There is everything that confuses women. So there are few tips and activities for Diwali decoration to make the Concorde Mayfair Medahalli house brighter, special and most attractive.

Entrance must   

While diyas are the utmost important, entrance is also one in it. Do not touch the plastic flower. Let the nature also be part of our festival and arrange a beautiful vibrant rangoli with diyas at the gate or the welcome door and hang some garlands. Aroma combined with a rich look is always stunning.

Go with a theme

To fix a theme and following it can be said as the best one which actually makes look unique. This looks gives more certainty to welcome the guests. The themes can be like, fixing on one color of attire for all the family members. Bright colors or soft colors look with the glowing diyas. Or entirely traditional theme with only earthen diyas and no fairy lights with purest form of tradtitional attire. Or electric lights with readymade diyas and many more ideas to follow and make the festive season special and memorable.

Touch of modern lights   

Diwali symbolizing brightness, happiness and more is always a special festival to everyone. This festive season, the eternal diyas can also be accompanied by the fairytale lights or glowing bulbs. It gives brightness to the night and the life as well. 

Lively furniture 50

Whilst all the rooms are well cleaned, perfectly matching decoration and the bright diyas. But don’t you think there is still something missing? Yes, the furniture! Okay, don’t throw it out but still it can be made attractive. Give a touch of plain wooden color or just spread a new set of cushion covers, dining table cover and mats and rich carpet in the living space.

Rich look with diyas 

 Diyas are perfect for Diwali. Whilst there are many kinds in diyas like the earthen diyas, metal diyas and electric diyas, earthen diyas made with clay are for the cause. It adds a pinch of taste, brightness and joy. Rangoli with flower petals with diyas in it? What else could be this perfect?
 Following all these tips, you will feel accomplished. Do follow and have a safe Diwali.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Know About Home Loan Insurance And It's Pros And Cons

Have a prior home loan knowledge before availing

insurance agents pressurize you to take a policy all time, but you should be aware of the plans and benefits that the insurance offers you. have clarity on the home loan insurance and home insurance. do not confuse while availing it. Know your requirement and go for the policy.
Home insurance protects the home buyers from the loss of damage on the property in case of fire or any such accidents. Home insurance covers the risk of loss of homes or Loss of personal belongings. home insurance is of comparatively lower cost.

Know About Home Loan Insurance And It's Pros And Cons
Home Loan Insurance

Home loan insurance ensures the loan which you borrow to buy the property. Home loan insurance helps the family repay the outstanding loan amount if in case the applicant is unable to pay the loan by the unforeseen event. if the home loan is insured the lender is not burdened with lending the amount with additional risk.

Know More About The Home Loan Insurance

Experts say that Home loan Insurance is an essential part of home buying since it covers the huge risk of the loan in case of the sudden demise of the applicant and saves the family by covering the outstanding loan amount. It helps the dependent family members from the burden of home loan. As you pay the loan every month the home loan insurance policy coverage decreases as the loan amount comes down.

Before applying for the home loan insurance know:

·       The risk coverage of the entire policy  like any other insurance, the regular premium should be paid on this insurance too

A premium of the home loan insurance depends on:

·         Applicants age
·         Total loan amount
·         Tenure
·         The medical health of the applicant

Other benefits of the home loan insurance

Tax benefits under section 80C of Income tax act can be claimed by the premium is paid by the borrower himself. it cannot be claimed if the EMI's are paid by the lender.
you can opt for other riders in the home loan insurance policy, the loan amount will be covered not just in case of death but also in the case of critical illness, disability or loss of the job.

Disadvantages of Home Loan Insurance

if the applicant increases the home loan tenure due to the increase in the interest rates, the insurance premium may not be able to fully cover the home loan.
In the case of foreclosure, the applicant may lose the entire part of the premium
Under the home loan protection plan (HLPP), the insurance offered under the home loan insurance policy progressively reduces as the loan is repaid.
Since the policy is of the third party, banks earn the commission for selling the policy
It is advisable to buy the property with the proper home loan facility and eligible for the insurance coverage. Concorde Mayfair residential project is the top-class property with all the amenities and risk cover. Concorde Mayfair is located in the aggressively developing locations of Medahalli in Bangalore with excellent infrastructure and civic amenities.

Opt for the home loan insurance while getting the home loan!!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Save In Order To Capitalize On Your Dream Shelter

Investing in home buying with savings

Home buying is the major outlay in one’s life which is expensive as well as a worthy asset. If you are not aware of certain background preparations before investing in home buying, then the whole investment will turn up as a real financial burden. It is advised to save a good chunk before proceeding to avail the home loan. Saving to pay the down payment of 20% of the actual worth of the property is the most essential part while buying your dream shelter. Saving saves you from the massive financial crises that are unforeseen.

Tips to Save Money for buying the dream Home

Have control on spending and save for down payment: 

Have a check on the money outflow from the account either it is an online transaction or direct cash dealing. Maintain a self-record and enter the transactions to keep a track on spending. Cut unnecessary buying and stress upon the saving for big investment coming up.

Have a separate savings account

as soon as you receive your salary, divide the salary for saving and another for the general expenses. Use only the amount reserved for the expenses. Do not disturb the saving account unless you really need it.

Buy a less expensive home than that you can afford:

buy a smaller and smarter home than your capacity so that you can have some savings in hand and can finish of the home loans. Buy a home with good land appreciation so that it turns out to be a great deal.

Stretch a little extra: 

Pay off your home loans bit extra than the fixed EMI’s. Extra amount adds up and turn to be a big figure that help in the early closures of the loans so that you can save on the unnecessary interests being paid.

Check the property taxes: 

ensure you are paying the right amount as tax on your property. In some cases, you can find the listing mentioning your home having extra bedrooms or living space than it actually contains, this increase the tax amount. To avoid these type of situations always get the survey of the land and match with the information on your property tax file.

Explore the property before investing: 

make a detailed inspection before buying or making the down payment to the property. Investigating the property before buying saves you from the unexpected surprises of repair and renovating.
Bid: negotiate and invest in the property. Do not opt for the higher-end costly property since it does not turns into a fair bid or might not be a worthy investment in a long run.
Concorde Mayfair is one of the outstanding residential marvels to invest your saving to buy the dream home in the prominent area of Bangalore.

Save your money and have a spectacular home in Concorde Mayfair

Concorde Mayfair is a top-notch luxurious enclave located in Medahalli Bangalore that comprises of Vaastu complaint 1 BHK, 2B HK and 3 BHK units with the plethora of amenities for a fantastic modern living. Concorde Mayfair Medahalli project clutches 200 luxurious units in the premises spread across the triple tower. The project is spread over the vast land of 5.5 acres and is all set amidst lush green atmosphere for the calm and healthy living. Concorde Mayfair Medahalli property is perfectly planned to have outstanding access to prominent schools, colleges, IT hubs, hospitals,restaurants, Banks and recreational centres for ease of access.

Buy a unit today in Concorde Mayfair Medahalli and give a meaning for your hard-earned savings!!
Invest today and enjoy the living in Concorde Mayfair!!

Reasons Why Concorde Mayfair Is Ideal For A Quality Lifestyle At An Affordable Price

Quality lifestyle in the best locations Quality of life depends on happiness and health of the person. Spending a quality and peacefu...