Friday, October 5, 2018

Save In Order To Capitalize On Your Dream Shelter

Investing in home buying with savings

Home buying is the major outlay in one’s life which is expensive as well as a worthy asset. If you are not aware of certain background preparations before investing in home buying, then the whole investment will turn up as a real financial burden. It is advised to save a good chunk before proceeding to avail the home loan. Saving to pay the down payment of 20% of the actual worth of the property is the most essential part while buying your dream shelter. Saving saves you from the massive financial crises that are unforeseen.

Tips to Save Money for buying the dream Home

Have control on spending and save for down payment: 

Have a check on the money outflow from the account either it is an online transaction or direct cash dealing. Maintain a self-record and enter the transactions to keep a track on spending. Cut unnecessary buying and stress upon the saving for big investment coming up.

Have a separate savings account

as soon as you receive your salary, divide the salary for saving and another for the general expenses. Use only the amount reserved for the expenses. Do not disturb the saving account unless you really need it.

Buy a less expensive home than that you can afford:

buy a smaller and smarter home than your capacity so that you can have some savings in hand and can finish of the home loans. Buy a home with good land appreciation so that it turns out to be a great deal.

Stretch a little extra: 

Pay off your home loans bit extra than the fixed EMI’s. Extra amount adds up and turn to be a big figure that help in the early closures of the loans so that you can save on the unnecessary interests being paid.

Check the property taxes: 

ensure you are paying the right amount as tax on your property. In some cases, you can find the listing mentioning your home having extra bedrooms or living space than it actually contains, this increase the tax amount. To avoid these type of situations always get the survey of the land and match with the information on your property tax file.

Explore the property before investing: 

make a detailed inspection before buying or making the down payment to the property. Investigating the property before buying saves you from the unexpected surprises of repair and renovating.
Bid: negotiate and invest in the property. Do not opt for the higher-end costly property since it does not turns into a fair bid or might not be a worthy investment in a long run.
Concorde Mayfair is one of the outstanding residential marvels to invest your saving to buy the dream home in the prominent area of Bangalore.

Save your money and have a spectacular home in Concorde Mayfair

Concorde Mayfair is a top-notch luxurious enclave located in Medahalli Bangalore that comprises of Vaastu complaint 1 BHK, 2B HK and 3 BHK units with the plethora of amenities for a fantastic modern living. Concorde Mayfair Medahalli project clutches 200 luxurious units in the premises spread across the triple tower. The project is spread over the vast land of 5.5 acres and is all set amidst lush green atmosphere for the calm and healthy living. Concorde Mayfair Medahalli property is perfectly planned to have outstanding access to prominent schools, colleges, IT hubs, hospitals,restaurants, Banks and recreational centres for ease of access.

Buy a unit today in Concorde Mayfair Medahalli and give a meaning for your hard-earned savings!!
Invest today and enjoy the living in Concorde Mayfair!!

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