Monday, November 19, 2018

Property Market Post RERA - What Should One Consider For Profitable Investments?

Property investments, over the years has proved to be the most profitable in nature. Residents have now realized that there are efficient means of saving up and preparing for an uncertain future. Aspiring investors are now gradually transitioning from living as tenants to real-time home owners. Concorde Mayfair by Concorde properties is one unique project that is strategically located to perfection at Medahalli in Bangalore. The project comprises of architecture marvels so residents can enjoy stunning views of landscaped gardens scattered around the project which contributes to project eco-friendliness. Concorde Mayfair Medahalli is close to prominent schools, colleges and hospitals so residents can provide the best educational services for their children and take care of their physical well-being. 
look profitable investment in real estate.
Property Market Post RERA

With the introduction of regulatory bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST, the demand for affordable homes has risen significantly. Residents are now a part of nuclear families are relocating to other locations around the city to benefit from the rules and regulations set for property developers. This is again forced realtors to devise new marketing strategies and amend existing ones so they can sell their excess inventory. It is also important that realtors choose their location to perfection as these are determining factors that contribute to the credibility of the project. Before the rules were implemented, the property market wasn’t performing to its full potential. First-time property investors who approached real estate brokers and developers who had just started out were given expectations that weren’t met. This is not great for the industry and adversely affects customer investment perception. Aspects like transparency, honesty, customer-centricity and loyalty is important if a property developer needs to impact prospective purchase decisions. A clear structure has been set up after the implementation of the rules so realtors abide by them for effective growth opportunities and to avoid unnecessary penalties. Rest assured, residents who are willing to partner with Concorde Mayfair Bangalore are in for a smooth ride towards a profitable future.

Making sure that developers provide every project related document for better investments

There are many aspects that residents should keep in mind before they approach property developers for their investment needs. Residents should make sure that they understand every project specification and it is the sole responsibility of the builder to provide necessary documents to the investor before they arrive at the property to negotiate on various factors. Things are much more convenient now, thanks to the online medium of searching real estate properties. RERA has introduced means by which residents can get every detail online so they can further consult with professionals and visit the site to experience the features.

Invest in properties in locations with developing social infrastructure

Residents are interested in the location of the project more than ever now. Bangalore is a city which enjoys impeccable weather throughout the year and provides attractive and high paying jobs in the IT sector. This has led to rising infrastructure developments all across the city. Property investments should be considered with utmost caution. A slight misjudgment can end up risky. This is the reason it is advised that residents opt for location that are developing at an alarming rate. Investing in established locations may not yield the expected returns because of the nature of the area. They have reached their developmental maturity. However, it is wise and smart to invest in localities that encourage social infrastructure development. This will automatically increase the land appreciation and property rates. Evidently, residents investing in early stages are sure to reap formidable returns on investment in the long run.

Be sure that the property is RERA certified and prioritize your investment needs

There are investors who have diverse needs. There are residents who prefer in independent plots of land, commercial or in the entertainment sector. It is important that people prioritize their investment expectations so there is no ambiguity when they move forward with their decisions. Another thing which is a must is that residents should be careful before they plan on partnering or associating with realtors is the RERA certification. It is important that investors understand the RERA rules through and through and make sure the property is RERA certified in order to avoid further complications.To conclude, Concorde Mayfair Medahalli is sure to provide great returns on investment as the location provides impeccable connectivity benefits to residents to other parts of the city. Price benefits are numerous as the strategies are devised based on industry trends and standard of living.  

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